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Advanced Sailing Courses

RYA Advanced Modules are also taught at SLYC. There are five additional modules that can be taken upon completing Level 3 of the National Sailing Scheme (Adults) and Level 4 of the Youth Sailing Scheme.


Each of these modules allow the candidates to explore the different sailing routes that they can take to order to maximise their fulfilment and enjoyment of the sport. The five different modules are:

  • Racing (Start, Intermediate & Advanced)

  • Seamanship Skills

  • Day Sailing

  • Sailing with Spinnakers

  • Performance Sailing

Each of these courses are run over two days by qualified RYA Instructors. Please find below, a description of each course and upcoming dates as well as links to booking forms.

Racing (Start, Intermediate & Advanced)

The most popular of the RYA Advanced Modules at SLYC are the Racing Modules. Throughout these courses we will teach you on the basics behind racing, including starts, tactics & maximising boat speed, and then build upon that knowledge. These are great courses if you want to get involved in Club Racing or more competitive events throughout the country.

Upcoming course dates are:

  • RYA Start Racing – 1st to 3rd July (To book click here)

  • RYA Club (Intermediate) Racing - 12th to 14th August (To book click here)

Seamanship Skills

This course focuses more on handling problems that may occur when afloat. Improvements to man overboard recovery will be taught, as well as anchoring, launching & recovering in different wind directions and general boat control.

Upcoming course dates are:

  • TBC


Day Sailing

On the RYA Day Sailing course, candidates will be taught passage planning and decision making for small boat cruising. This includes how to read charts, planning & executing a passage and how to cope if adverse conditions appear.

Upcoming course dates are:

  • TBC


Sailing with Spinnakers

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know in order to sail confidently with a spinnaker. We will cover rigging, hoisting, gybing and recovering with either a conventional or asymmetric spinnaker. There will also be focus on how to sail the best possible course downwind.

Upcoming course dates are:

  • TBC


Performance Sailing

This course focuses on improving your ability to sail faster and more efficiently on all points of sail, this course tends to be taught in two handed boats and therefore there will also be focus on communication.

Upcoming course dates are:

  • TBC

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