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Adult Sailing Courses

SLYC runs the RYA National Sailing Scheme to teach adults, aged 16 and over, how to sail. The Sailing Scheme is formed of three core parts:

  • Level 1 – Start Sailing

  • Level 2 – Basic Skills

  • Level 3 – Better Sailing

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Once these courses have been taken you can take advanced modules such as Sailing with Spinnakers and Day Sailing, more information of these courses can be found under the Advanced Sailing tab.

All National Sailing Scheme courses are taken over a period of 18 hours, by qualified RYA Instructors.

Please find below further information on each of the core parts of the National Sailing Scheme below, as well as upcoming course dates and links to booking forms.

Level 1 - Start Sailing

The course provides a short introduction to sailing for novices. By the end of the course you will have the basic understanding of dinghy-handling techniques and background knowledge.

Upcoming course dates are:​

  • June 2024 - 10th/11th/17th/18th evenings and 15th all day (To book click here)

Level 2 - Basic Skills

This course builds upon the practical skills and theoretical knowledge taught in the Start Sailing qualification. On completion of this course, you will have a basic knowledge of sailing and be capable of sailing without an instructor on board in light winds.

Upcoming course dates are:

  • TBC

Level 3 – Better Sailing

On completion of this course the successful sailor will be safety conscious and capable of sailing without an instructor on board in light to moderate conditions. This improver course seeks to bridge the gap between the Basic Skills qualification and the five advanced modules offered in the National Sailing Scheme by offering an introduction to each of the different modules.

Upcoming course dates are:

  • TBC

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