Major Events


Keep Informed!

Italian Night at SLYC

Provisional Craning Dates for 2015

First Lift: Friday 03 April, Saturday 04 April, Sunday 05 April & Monday 06 April.

Second Lift: Friday 17 April, Saturday 18 April, Sunday 19 April & Monday 20 April.

NB No other activities are permitted inside the club yard on the above dates.

SLYC New Year Party

AGM MEETING - 10th December

Members are reminded that the AGM will be held at the SLYC on Wednesday the 10th December at 8.00pm.

The bar will be open from 7.30 to 8.00 and again after the meeting.

Please do your best to attend as we are keen to ensure that our members' views help to steer the club in the right direction! Reports from the Commodore and the Club Captains are being deposited HERE for your review.