Transat Jacques Vabre Race sinking

Last night when they were sailing 130 miles north of the Azores, the crew of Cheminees Poujoulat - Bernard Stamm and Jean Francois Cuzon - informed race direction of the Transat Jacques Vabre race from Le Havre to Costa Rica that they have a significant leak on their IMOCA Open 60.

After analysis of their current situation in communication with race director Jean Maurel, they have triggered their distress beacon.

The signal was received by the CROSS Griz Nez which relayed information to MRCC Punta Delgada in the Azores. Help procedures were immediately activated and a helicopter took off at 1050hrs CET/0950hrs UTC/GMT to recover the crew from the yacht which was positioned approximately 230 miles to the north of Punta Delgada on the Azores island of San Miguel.

At 1354hrs CET (1254 UTC/GMT) Bernard Stamm and Jean-François Cuzon had been recovered by the Portuguese rescue authorities. MRCC Punta Delgada said the helicopter was heading now towards the island of Terceira, where both skippers were due to land imminently.